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Abgeschlossene Fotogalerien ::: Completed Photo Galleries

Die Gestaltung der folgenden Galerien ist meist minimalistisch gehalten; durch die jeweilige Sammlung geht’s in bewährter Manier per Klick rechts/links aufs jeweilige Bild vor/zurück, oder es gibt eine Indexseite mit Miniansichten. Viel Spaß!

Here you’ll find a few photo series in minimalist gallery design. Images are clickable maps, left goes backward, right forward (unless thumbnails are provided). Enjoy!

Coastal Light Baltic Sea, spring 2012 (58 images).


Remnants There used to be trees: heavily postprocessed digital captures, winter 2012 (24 images).


Tiltwood Some winter forest tilt-shift impressionism with the lensbaby (16 images).



Ticino obscuro An alpine-hiking week in June 2009, captured through the pinhole body cap of my M-Leica (35 images)


Tulips At times I tend to exaggerate :-) Here’s spring at its brightest (though withered already), taken with a lensbaby and diopter. (9 images)


Snow Not my favourite weather, but it’s great for surreal photography. Defocused 35mm lens to the DSLR, almost as shot (6 images)


Rainforest Few things are more beautiful than a beech forest in rain… Some nature closeups in manipulated colors based on Nikon D70 raw files. (15 images)


Horizont Minimalist black and white seascapes at Zingst: Always the same composition at different times of day and night. (16 images)


Zingst, Baltic Sea, Spring 2008 Some slides shot during a short trip to Germany’s eastern Baltic Sea coast. Taken on Fuji Velvia 100F film with a Blad and 150mm lens. (15 images)


A late-winter walk along the Baltic Sea coast I’ve been there before, maybe I’ll keep the habit as a tradition. There’s something really peaceful about walking along a coast in winter. This time I took the M Leica with 50 lens, small tripod and Agfapan 100. Postprocessing includes Quadruplex toning. (15 images, thumbnail navigation)


Nothing At All (a.k.a. Nihil) This series first came to life years ago on flickr, where I created a photoset with all those shots I couldn’t use otherwise. Over time, I came to enjoy the concept of photographing stuff nobody else looks at and founded a flickr group called Nihil (Latin for „nothing“). This gallery here, despite its size, only showcases a tiny fraction of my flirtations with the petty and extraneous. In spite of my usual habit of never cropping in Photoshop (I firmly believe in having the photo completed before even pressing the shutter), here I reduced 4:3 ratio images to my usual 3:2 for symmetry. (63 images)


Try Not To Breathe – The 25 Second Project Best about digital capturing is you can experiment freely without paying for every single shot. These’re some explorations of the chance component in photography insofar as I didn’t use a tripod for those long exposures but tried to keep steady – thus no deliberate motion blur. Nikon D70 with 50mm, 105mm and lensbaby 2.0 lenses. (22 images)


Green A pond in our forest. Not much more to tell. D70 with 105mm macro lens. (7 images)


Walk Along the Edge of the Night It’d been a long night in the office, no point in going home for two hours. So I went for a stroll around sunrise, lensbaby attached to the Nikon, no tripod. Grainy stuff because of high ISO settings. (49 images)



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