Mein zentrales fotografisches Portfolio, das einen Querschnitt meiner Projekte seit ca. 2007 präsentiert. /// My primary photographic portfolio showcasing my projects since 2007.



Für unterschiedliche fotografische Spielarten jeweils ein eigenes Fotoblog bei, je nach Bilderaufkommen unregelmäßig aktualisiert. /// Half a dozen WP-hosted photo sites, each dedicated to a certain sub-style of photography, updated on an irregular basis.

Abgeschlossene Fotogalerien ::: Completed Photo Galleries

Die Gestaltung der folgenden Galerien ist meist minimalistisch gehalten; durch die jeweilige Sammlung geht’s in bewährter Manier per Klick rechts/links aufs jeweilige Bild vor/zurück, oder es gibt eine Indexseite mit Miniansichten. Viel Spaß!

Here you’ll find a few photo series in minimalist gallery design. Images are clickable maps, left goes backward, right forward (unless thumbnails are provided). Enjoy!


Remnants There used to be trees: heavily postprocessed digital captures, winter 2012 (24 images).


Tiltwood Some winter forest tilt-shift impressionism with the lensbaby (16 images).



Ticino obscuro An alpine-hiking week in June 2009, captured through the pinhole body cap of my M-Leica (35 images)


Tulips At times I tend to exaggerate :-) Here’s spring at its brightest (though withered already), taken with a lensbaby and diopter. (9 images)


Snow Not my favourite weather, but it’s great for surreal photography. Defocused 35mm lens to the DSLR, almost as shot (6 images)


A late-winter walk along the Baltic Sea coast I’ve been there before, maybe I’ll keep the habit as a tradition. There’s something really peaceful about walking along a coast in winter. This time I took the M Leica with 50 lens, small tripod and Agfapan 100. Postprocessing includes Quadruplex toning. (15 images, thumbnail navigation)


Green A pond in our forest. Not much more to tell. D70 with 105mm macro lens. (7 images)